Hahn Law Firm provides comprehensive legal services in its Budapest and Vienna offices for private individuals, entrepreneurs and companies. We offer comprehensive solutions for the realization of various business ideas in the fields of commercial law, real estate law, corporate law and various areas of civil law. We strive to take into account the shaping of international trends with an impact on our clients as well as regulations and practices in the European Union.

Tailor-made solutions can only be offered in constant and personal dialogue with the client. Therefore, from the very beginning, our law offices in Vienna and Budapest strive to develop our system solutions, adapted to individual expectations, in dialogue with our clients.

Our young, dynamic team with experience in international business has set itself the goal of offering comprehensive advice and always providing the optimal solution, the best answers to the questions asked and the problems identified. In judicial and extrajudicial proceedings, in drawing up contracts, we offer comprehensive legal advice in our two law offices in Budapest and in Vienna in Hungarian, German and English. You can find a detailed presentation of the profile of our law firm under the menu item Activities.