Fields of expertise

In our work, we always think ahead in a broader international economic context, taking into consideration not only the Community law and practice but also the international trends likely to affect our clients.

Company foundation in Austria, company law

We offer the establishment of Austrian business companies (GmbH, KG, AG etc.) as well as the establishment of branch offices of foreign companies, including comprehensive advice. Our activities in the field of corporate law cover every phase of the life of a business company from its foundation to its dissolution

  • Company foundation
  • Registration of company changes
  • Conversion of companies, splitting, merging
  • Transfer, assignment of shares
  • Liquidation, bankruptcy

Labour Law

We represent employers in proceedings against BUAK, ZKO and ÖGK (WGKK). We represent and advise employers and employees in various matters of labour law:

  • Employment contracts
  • termination of employment
  • labor disputes
  • Collective agreements
  • Administrative penalties, proceedings for violation of the Wage and Social Dumping Act (LSD-BG)

Real Estate Law

We represent our clients both as seller and buyer. We draw up documents and give advice on purchase offers, purchase contracts, we offer the entire process of a real estate purchase.

  • Sales contract
  • Rental agreement
  • Brokerage agreement

Posting to Austria, cross-border services

We advise companies in the course of the employment of foreign workers who have been sent to Austria. We support you with the registration and other administrative tasks.

  • ZKO registration, A1 confirmation
  • Advice in connection with the compliance with the Austrian legal norms regarding posting (LSD-BG)
  • Representation in administrative and judicial proceedings (justification, complaints)

Debt recovery, executions

We provide legal advice for both debtors and creditors. We are also at your disposal for cross-border matters including reminders, dunning procedures or the conclusion of settlements between parties to a dispute

  • civil court proceedings in Hungary and Austria
  • European order for payment procedure
  • Enforcement of foreign decisions both in Hungary and Austria

Contract Law

When drawing up or reviewing contracts, our aim is to ensure that the contracts concluded can be well defended in the event of any legal proceedings. When concluding contracts, we inform our clients about the possible legal risks and propose such solutions that, within the legal framework, best support the interests of our clients.

  • drafting and review of contracts in various fields of business life and also between private individuals

Law of Estates

Strict rules apply to wills and unexpected questions may also arise in the probate proceedings. You can also contact us in seemingly simple situations.

  • legal representation in probate proceedings in Hungary and Austria

Administrative penalties

We represent our clients in administrative criminal proceedings both at public authorities (tax office, BUAK, ZKO, Bezirkshauptmannschaft) and at the courts.

Hungarian Law

In our Vienna office we provide comprehensive legal services in the field of Hungarian law, in various matters related to Hungary.

Within the scope of our Hungarian corporate law activities, we support you in establishing a company in Hungary. When founding a Hungarian business company we prepare the company documents in both languages (Hungarian-German) and the company documents can be signed in our office in Vienna. We will be happy to advise you on the choice of a registered office in Hungary and also a Hungarian tax advisor. We take over the entire process of the company foundation.

We support you with the purchase or rent of a property in Hungary. We take care of the entire process of the property purchase, the necessary documents can be signed in our Vienna office.

We represent our clients in Hungarian administrative and judicial proceedings, as well as in probate proceedings in Hungary.